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Masanga Hospital Appeal

Appealing for donations to re-establish a hospital in Sierra Leone (one of the world’s poorest country) to help:

  • Treat abandoned leprosy patients
  • Fight the world’s greatest killer disease;malaria Each year the disease claims 1 million lives in sub-Saharan Africa alone. It is endemic in Sierra Leone where it accounts for 48% total outpatient morbidity.
  • Provide medicine to care for some of the 3% of the population of Sierra Leone with HIV/AIDS
  • Provide basic medical facilities to some 320, 000 people in an impoverished area served by the hospital
  • You can help by making a donation.

    Again next morning we got a visit from the schools in the town, the Seventh Day Adventist School and the Arabic School. The children were walking with drums and were sing the whole way to the hospital’s hostel and the master of the school held a speech for us. He said too many children have died because they have no hospital to go to, no place to have medicine against malaria and other diseases. They were welcoming us and then they were singing again”

    Did you know your average life expectancy would be just 40 years in the West African State of Sierra Leone, a country that has consistently ranked bottom of the United Nation’s Human Development Index


    With a population of just over 5 million, severe shortage of basic medical services in Sierra Leone means sharing one doctor with 104,000 other people. With basic earnings typically below £20 per month, access to a medical doctor is a luxury many can not afford.

    The country was devastated by 10 years of a brutal war that left some 50, 0000 dead and 100,000 civilians deliberately amputated, including  children

    Years on after the end of the war, the country is still struggling to rebuild vital infrastructures, including its health care system.

    Adding to the dire need, the Government of Sierra Leone has funding gap in the health sector, totalling $56 million in 2004

    Masanga Hospital is appealing for your help to re-establish one of the country’s major hospitals that was severely damaged during the war.

    Masanga Hospital is appealing for your help to re-establish one of the country’s major hospitals that was severely damaged during the war.


    The hospital was previously operated by the Seventh Day Adventist Church, treating diseases including polio, leprosy, river blindness, and tuberculosis

    With the assistance of a UK charity group, the Sierra Leonean Adventists Abroad (SLAA) and the Danish Association of Friends of Masanga (AFOM) the main infrastructures were refurbished and a clinic re-opened in July 2006

    SLAA and AFOM signed an agreement with the Government of Sierra Leone in July 2006 to enable  rehabilitation and management of the Masanga Hospital, subject to funds availability.

    Health minister, Abator Thomas and Danish Surgeon Peter Bo Jorgensen at signature of  Masanga Leprosy Hospital rehabilitation agreement.

    This is what Danish surgeon, Dr Peter Bo Jorgensen said on opening of the clinic

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