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Masanga hospital is operated by a small number of dedicated staffs
They need your support to keep it opened and help patients like.


§   A maternity ward

§   Adequate incinerator to manage solid theatre waste materials

§   Suitable sterilisation facility

§   Dedicated vehicle for transporting patients


About SLAA

SLAA is a UK registered charity, no1085936. Its objective is to provide assistance to people in severe poverty.

It operates in Sierra Leone as a registered Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). In addition to health care, SLAA runs an education grant award scheme in Sierra Leone, where adult illiteracy is as high as 55% for male and 82% for female. SLAA provides funding for university and school students from poor background that would otherwise be unable to obtain an education.

SLAA depended on donations to help others.

In the current Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone, SLAA members have been active in supporting local initiatives in the country through promotional campaigns and food distribution to affected communities.

£67,000 ADRA grant to SLAA - ADRA UK provided £67,000 to SLAA for Masanga hospital to provide solar powered water supply within the hospital and to improve security around the hospital facilities

What We Do

Our main focus is on improving maternal and child health in the Tonkolili District.  We do this by tackling a range of the direct causes of poor health of women and children via a number of different permanent projects.

Our projects address the following problems:

  • The severe shortage of qualified health staff at work in the district
  • The country-wide lack of on-going training for existing health staff
  • Limited access to emergency transportation for at-risk pregnant women between their villages and health services in rural areas

Working in partnership

We work in close collaboration with the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation through our local partners in Tonkolili - the Tonkolili District Health Management Team and the Tonkolili District Council.  Our agenda is set by local needs as prioritised in the Sierra Leone National Health Sector Strategic Plan 2010-2015 and the Tonkolili District Development Plan 2010-2013, and through regular consultations with partners in Tonkolili. Our work is in line with the UN Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5 to reduce child mortality and to improve maternal health.

It operates a membership scheme, open to all. It members serves as volunteers to manage charitable projects.  
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