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 We operate under a constitution Download Constitution adopted by members of SLAA and we are regulated by the UK Charity commission

Charity  number 1085936


SLAA is governed by a Board of Trustees, whose role is to set the Charity's strategic direction, monitor the delivery of the Charity's objects, uphold its values and governance and guide, advice and support the Executive Board, and submit  annual reports to the Charity Commission.  

The Board of Trustees is led by a Chairman.

Member of the Board of Trustees are:

Mr Brima Abibu - Chairman

Mr  Harry Sama

Ms Ramatu Dumbuya

Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for the day to day management of the organisation and fundraising.

It sets out the short and long term plans for the organisation, monitors progress, sets up sub committees for conduct of charity work and proposes an annual operating budget for approval by members at annual general meetings.

The Executives are elected by the general member for two years tenure in office.

The following persons are current Executive Board members:

Dr Edward Cole – Chief Executive Officer

Ms Susan Obrien-Coker – Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Mrs Bornita Turay – General Secretary

Mr Edward Vandi – Treasurer

Dr  Andrew Curtis – Communication Officer

Pr  Sinil Laungani – Chaplain

Mrs Matilda Laungani – Membership Secretary

The Executive Board meets quarterly, together with the members of the Board of Trustees and Heads of special projects to consider items of strategy development and operational management issues.  The Executive Board presents reports to members at quarterly meetings, open to the public ( email info@slaa for more information)

Education Board

The Education Board is responsible for management of SLAA Education program; It members are:

Mr Solomon Senessie – Chairman

Mr Brima Abibu

Mrs Rose Abibu

Dr Andrew Curtis

Mr Mohamed Jimmy

Representative in Sierra Leone

Valesius V. Thomas of 29 Soldier Street, Freetown is a representative of SLAA in its Education Programme in Sierra Leone

Download SLAA structure


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