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  Sierra Leone is ranked 176 of 177 countries in the United Nation Human development index. With only 120 doctors to a population of 5.5 million, lack of basic healthcare facility is a major contributory factor for the country being one of the poorest in the world.

Masanga Leprosy Hospital is located about 130 miles north of Freetown, the capital City of Sierra Leone. It was destroyed during the country’s brutal civil war that lasted over 10 years.

This proposal for the re-opening of the Masanga Leprosy Hospital is an Anglo-Danish alliance between SLAA and its Danish Masanga project partner, Association of Friends of Masanga (AFOM). The initial proposal was developed by SLAA in October 2005, following consultation with the Government of Sierra Leone, the local people and the Sierra Leone Seventh Day Adventist Mission (past managers of the hospital, prior its destruction during the civil war in Sierra Leone). Ideas gathered by AFOM during a feasibility visit to Sierra Leone in 2005 by Danish medical specialist are incorporated in this final proposal.

It is consequently a desire that this coalescence of visions and ideas will form the bases of contractual agreement between SLAA, AFOM and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS) of the Government of Sierra Leone. It is proposed, that SLAA and AFOM jointly assume full responsibility for the re-establishment and subsequent management Masanga Leprosy Hospital for a period of 20 years.  Thereafter the hospital will be hand over for  further operation and development to the regional health authorities.

The regional and central health authorities can then – depending on possibilities and competence – choose to operate the hospital themselves or choose another collaborator(s) for example the Seventh Day Adventist Church that originally built and operated the Masanga Leprosy Hospital. We thus consider the project to be a gift whereby we can offer our contribution to creating development in the local area and assist the local and regional health authorities until they are ready and prepared to run the hospital themselves.

In this context it is important to stress that SLAA is a not for profit UK registered charity (1085936) whose aim is the eradication of poverty, and believes improved health and better education are two key components to achieve this. AFOM is an association of volunteers that wish to offer some concrete aid and development work for the Masanga Hospital. AFOM is not a political or religious organisation and have no personal or financial interests in the project. The purpose is solely to assist in the re-establishment of the hospital and help enable the local population to run the hospital in the future.

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