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  Out Patient Dept
  Masanga Hospital

During this phase we will work on re-establishing the physical framework, and on starting up the medical work. The final plan and economy for the reestablishment of all the buildings is expected from the Ministry. It is not intended that a fully functioning hospital be opened in one phase. We envisage a gradual progress, over some years, depending on our fund-raising.

The start-up of the medical work will begin with the establishment of an out-patient department (OPD).
OPD will only be open during daytime on weekdays. It will treat the most ordinary diseases, such as: malaria, various infectious diseases, various medical diseases like diabetes, hypertension etc. It is the intention to set up a small emergency room to perform minor simple and basic surgical operations under local anaesthesia, repositioning and immobilising of simple fractures etc. The Centre will have nurses attached to perform primary health care such as immunisation programmes and pregnancy examinations.

Laboratory facilities

It is planned to establish and a laboratory at the hospital. A technician will be employed.
The lab should have the means to perform tests for HB, leukocytes and differential counts; blood type and cross matching, microscopic testing for malaria and tuberculosis; Gram dyeing, urine microscopy and urine sticks; blood sugar, microscopy for cerebrospinal fluid, Vidal test, HIV 1+2 test and VSDL (syphilis).

equipment needed:
Microscopes, refrigerator, 12 V battery, pipettes hemoglobin meter, blood sugar measurement, chamber for counting leukocytes, pregnancy tests, autoclave, equipment for filtering of water, tourniquets, manometer for blood pressure, scales, centrifuge, Bunsen-burner, and Wire loops.


It is intended to hire one fully trained doctor, one community health officer (semi-trained doctor), 2 nurses and 2 midwives, one radiographer and one lab technician. In addition other staff will also be needed for the smooth running of everything: cleaners, guards, nursing aides, gardeners, repair and maintenance staff etc. We loosely estimate these to comprise some 17 persons.

A medical co-coordinator to take the overall administrative and financial responsibility and to act as a conduit between the centre and the regional health authorities as well as SLAA and AFOM will be recruited.

Once the OPD is fully functional, services will be extended to 24 hours opening, the admittance of minor medical and surgical cases, and establishment of a maternity clinic for uncomplicated deliveries. The lab will be expanded and there will be the possibility of a small blood bank and consequently the possibility for transfusions of anaemic patients.

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