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  The Hospital Phase
  Masanga Hospital

During this phase, the hospital will finally achieve the status of a full operational hospital. There will be at least one resident doctor attached full time along with a series of volunteer doctors from Europe attached for shorter periods. A surgical unit will be established, where basic surgery can be performed, including Caesarean sections, laparatomies and skin grafting.

The hospital facilities are improved with the establishment of a radiological unit equipped with X-ray and possibly ultrasound equipment. The in-patient section is expanded, and the possibility of starting a unit for producing IV-fluids should be studied. The lab facilities are expanded.
In the final phase, we will have a fully equipped 4 part hospital with specific wards: Paediatric, obstetrics, medical and surgical wards. There is further a burns- and isolation ward.

The range of surgical procedures offered is expanded, so that more complicated elective surgery can be performed, incl. fistular surgery for women with vesico-vaginal fistulae, and corrective orthopaedic surgery for children with club feet etc. and for leprosy patients. More complicated fractures can now be treated with both internal and external fixation. These operations will at first be performed by European specialists, but we expect that local doctors can be trained in these procedures, and will be performing them themselves at the end of this phase. The radiological service is extended with ultrasound and more complicated X-ray examinations, involving things like contrast.

The expatriate specialists will train local doctors in endoscopic methods. In connection with the paediatric ward there will be a neo-natal section with treatments for premature babies and sick infants. The laboratory is expanded.

The fully expanded hospital will have a capacity for some 100-150 overnight patients, about 200 staff (100 medical personnel and 100 non-medical).

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