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  Masanga Hospital

Imagine your neighborhood has just one doctor to 40,000 people. The nearest one to you is miles away; but the most common means to get around is by foot. You fall ill. Would you want others to help?

Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries of the world.  The longevity is a just 45 years. With about 120 doctors to a population of 5.5 million, the very basic medical care is inaccessible to many in large section of the country.

Masanga Hospital was reopened in 2006 to reach people in an area of extreme poverty. It is located about 130 miles north of Freetown, the Capital of Sierra Leone. The hospital was destroyed during the country’s 10 years brutal war that ended 2002

It is undergoing a phased redevelopment
An out-patients clinic opened 2006 it currently treats about 150 patients per day. A year after opening we treated approximately 25,000 patients, admitted about 600 children and carried out 200 operations. We now employ a staff of 70, 25 of whom are student nurses.

Patients are treated by two resident senior CHOs (Community Health Officer) who have 3years of basic medical training and are able to diagnose and treat the most frequently occurring illnesses. We have 4 nurses, who are in charge of all medicine matters and who assist in diagnoses and treatment of the children admitted on the observation ward. A health nurse takes care of expectant mothers and children under 5 years, and an assistant specially trained in leprosy and wound complications runs our wounds clinic.

We have one visiting medical specialist from Denmark
Masanga Hospital

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