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  Current Masanga Hospital Appeal

1.  To buy medical equipment for the newly rehabilitated hospital


Masanga hospital has completed phase 1 of rehabilitation, with Support from Lions Club Denmark and Association of Friends of Masanga. An Out Patient Department is fully functioning. Although it is treating patients once again, many items of equipment and supplies are still needed, including sterilization units in the wards, mosquito nets, bed linen and medicines. SLAA is currently raising money to buy these important supplies.

Support may be in cash or in kind; materials, drugs, medical equipment and facilities. eg A corporate body may wish to sponsor a ward or department, or make donations of relevant equipment ( Ceate link to plank page)

  2. To improve the health of women in the Masanga area

Sierra Leone has one of the highest number of women dying during pregnancy and childbirth in the world. Improving the health of mothers in Masanga not only ensures the health of individual women but also improves the long-term health of their families. And a healthy family has a better chance of becoming a more prosperous family.

  3. Refurbish and equip an laboratory
  4. Motorbike Ambulance
Masanga Hospital

The motorbike ambulance is needed to provide transport to and from local health centers, provide communities with the means to take advantage of distant and widespread health-care resources. Able to safely and comfortably carry one patient and an outreach medical worker, plus emergency supplies for on-site treatment, it can greatly reduce the time taken to get essential and urgent medical assistance to remote communities.

  What your money helps to provide
  • A programme of Safe Motherhood.
  • Essential maternity medicines and drugs.
  • Training to increase the number of qualified midwives providing antenatal care and assistance at births.
  • Free minor surgery for all at point of need
  • The provision of equipment for a dedicated maternity unit.
  • Vehicles to ensure that mothers have access to transportation to the nearest medical facility.
  • Scholarships for training Community Health Officers and nurses (Click here for more information)
  What it costs
  • £8.50 for one hundred injections of lifesaving maternity drugs.
  • £200 to equip one midwife with a delivery kit which will last for a year.
  • • £20,000 buys a four-wheel-drive ambulance
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