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Ebola patient at Masanga Hospital 27. July 2015
Sep 06 2015, 21:44 PM
On Tuesday 21 July 2015, a 27-year old patient was admitted to Masanga Hospital with general weakness, abdominal- and joint pain. Before admission he was routinely screened and considered a suspected Ebola case. He was handled according to our guidelines for Ebola, immediately isolated and attended to by staff using full personal protective equipment (PPE). The patient died two days later in the isolation unit and was later handled by the Tonkolili burial teams for safe and dignified burial. The routinely performed test for Ebola was unfortunately positive, the first confirmed case in Tonkolili district after more than hundred and fifty days without the disease. All relevant actors in the local, national and international Ebola response are notified and currently involved in contract tracing and necessary steps to limit further spread is implemented. One of those actions is quarantine of the hospital and all those involved over the next 21 days. The hospital staff is doing fine, so far no signs of further transmission. Preliminary investigation indicates that the patient contracted the disease in the capital Freetown and hopefully due to the prepared and attentive staff at Masanga hospital and adherence to our rigorous Ebola protocols, further spread of Ebola in the district was prevented. Together with partners from the World Health Organization, CDC and others in the Sierra Leone Ebola response, we will monitor the situation closely and hopefully be able to resume normal activities when the quarantine period is over.
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